Monday, December 13, 2010

Splitting Individual Retirement Accounts during Divorce

There are many emotional and practical issues which are to be addressed by the couple getting divorced. The retirement accounts are usually divided among the couple after getting divorce. Most of the times the couple comes up with their own terms of agreement regarding the splitting of the individual retirement accounts.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What Do People Really Think About Your Divorce

The old mentality of gossiping about the divorcee is gone now. Society respects the individual freedom and actually no one got the time to peep in such matters of others. But still the view toward the person changes after knowing that the said one has had a divorce.

Generally two emotions arouse for you. First is pity. Behavior towards you is suddenly changed. Over- attentiveness is the outcome of this emotion. You always find them around you and caring for very little things which are related with you.

Second emotion is of criticize. People around you try to blame you and find out the pitfalls of your behavior which are responsible for your divorce according to them. Such people irritate you most as they have the policing guts and observational skills.